£ 500 - Qurbani (Full Cow)
£ 80 - Qurbani (Cow Share)
£ 135 - Qurbani (Goat)
£80 - Food Packs / One Family
£160 - Food Packs / Two Families
£100 - Sponsoring 1 Widow
£200 - Sponsoring 2 Widows
£160 - Akhuwat Educational Project
£350 - Livelihood for 1 Disabled Person
£700 - Livelihood Support for 2 Disabled People
£1900 - Akhuwat Educational Project
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Qarz-e-Hasna - Investing in People to Create Independence

Meet Parveen, a widow with four children whose husband passed away nine years ago. Since then, she’s struggled to make ends meet. As a single, unemployed woman, it was very difficult to support her children all alone. In desperation, she turned to Akhuwat, who stood by her in her time of need. This is what she had to say: “Akhuwat supported me and held my hand.” 

We gave Parveen Qarz-e-Hasna through our Family Enterprise Lending scheme. This was the helping hand she needed to start her home-based business. 

She bought a sewing machine with the funds and began making and repairing clothes for her community. The income she earned allowed her to become independent. 

Not only could she take care of her children and cover all her household expenses, but she was also able to invest in her business. She bought a second machine to increase her sewing capacity and output, so her income grew too. All while repaying the initial capital in monthly instalments without interest! 

Parveen is very grateful to Akhuwat. Without our help, she would be reliant on donations and would never have become the successful, self-reliant seamstress she is today.