£ 500 - Qurbani (Full Cow)
£ 80 - Qurbani (Cow Share)
£ 135 - Qurbani (Goat)
£80 - Food Packs / One Family
£160 - Food Packs / Two Families
£100 - Sponsoring 1 Widow
£200 - Sponsoring 2 Widows
£160 - Akhuwat Educational Project
£350 - Livelihood for 1 Disabled Person
£700 - Livelihood Support for 2 Disabled People
£1900 - Akhuwat Educational Project
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Power Up Your Zakat this Ramadan

‘Zakat is a form of worship and the one who fulfils it will be rewarded.’ (Tirmidhi)

Muslims are obligated to pay Zakat annually. We’re required to donate a portion of our wealth to needy Muslims who are eligible to receive Zakat. But did you know that you can give your Zakat differently this Ramadan, to amplify its impact on the lives of the needy? 

Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Zakat and how you can power up yours this Ramadan.

The Personal Benefits of Paying Zakat

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam – an obligation we are required to fulfil. But Zakat is also a great blessing from Allah (SWT) with manifold rewards for us. Below, we list some of the benefits of paying our Zakat:

  • Paying our Zakat fulfils our religious duty for which we will be rewarded now and in the Hereafter.  
  • Paying Zakat purifies all our wealth and brings Barakah (blessings/abundance) into our lives.  
  • Paying Zakat reminds us that our wealth is not our own, but a blessing from Allah (SWT) to be shared. 
  • Zakat also helps to purify our hearts against selfishness while ensuring that the poorest members of society are taken care of.  

Zakat can be paid at any time of the year, but many of us choose to pay it in Ramadan for two reasons. First, because it helps us keep track of when we should calculate Zakat – at the end of one lunar year; and second, because we know that any good deed performed in Ramadan has the potential to receive multiple rewards – up to seventy times more!

The Social Benefits of Paying Zakat

Zakat is a way of redistributing surplus wealth to bring about balance and equality. In fact, at Akhuwat, we believe that if Zakat was paid by everyone eligible and distributed correctly, it has the potential to end world poverty!

But what if you could give Zakat in a way that could help more than one person over and over again so that it creates a lasting and more sustainable impact? Through Akhuwat’s Islamic micro-lending, your Zakat contribution will assist not only the receiver but many others in the long term. Here’s how…

Help More People for Longer with Your Zakat

We give your Zakat as Qarz-e-Hasna (an advance without interest) to people in need so that they can invest in improving their lives and livelihoods. Once they pay back the capital, in manageable instalments and without interest, it is then given to another person in need. In this way, more people are empowered and encouraged to rely only on themselves and their own hard work. 

We make no profit from your donations. We give it to needy people as Qarz-e-Hasna advances to invest in themselves (through training and education) and their livelihoods (like businesses or farms). Your Zakat through Akhuwat, helps people make the most of their skills and resources to better their lives and the lives of their families. Not only that – when it’s repaid, it will be used as a new Qarz-e-Hasna to help a new recipient (borrower). And this cycle repeats itself endlessly. 

Your one-off Zakat contribution has the potential to help needy people for years to come. Find out more about our Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme by clicking below.