Flood Relief

£75 - Family Food Pack / Essential Ration for 1 Month
£250 - Support 2 Widows / 2 sewing machine for Widows
£175 - Orphan Care Project
£350 - Livelihood Support for a Disabled Person
£700 - Livelihood Support for 2 Disabled People
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Amplify Your Impact and Forge a Deeper Bond with Allah In the blessed month of Ramadan, every Muslim knows that their good deeds are magnified, with rewards multiplied by an astounding seventy times. This includes acts of charity such as Sadaqah and Zakat, making Ramadan the ultimate time to give wholeheartedly.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was celebrated for his extraordinary generosity, especially during Ramadan. As narrated by al-Bukhari, Muslim, the Prophet’s empathy and benevolence reached their pinnacle in this sacred month.

Grasp the unique opportunity in the last 10 days of Ramadan to intensify your devotion and express your love for Allah. Immerse yourself in countless acts of kindness, recite the Qur’an, engage in nightly prayers, donate generously to orphans, widows, homeless and victims of natural disasters through Akhuwat , and make dua.

Laylatul Qadr marks the divine revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel (Jibril). While the exact night remains uncertain, it is believed to fall within the final 10 nights of Ramadan. Allah proclaims in the Qur’an,

This means that any good deed performed during this night will be rewarded as if it were consistently done for 1,000 months! Follow the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

As believers, let us endeavour to draw nearer to Allah during these final 10 days of Ramadan, cherishing Laylatul-Qadr as a priceless gift bestowed upon

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