£ 500 - Qurbani (Full Cow)
£ 80 - Qurbani (Cow Share)
£ 135 - Qurbani (Goat)
£80 - Food Packs / One Family
£160 - Food Packs / Two Families
£100 - Sponsoring 1 Widow
£200 - Sponsoring 2 Widows
£160 - Akhuwat Educational Project
£350 - Livelihood for 1 Disabled Person
£700 - Livelihood Support for 2 Disabled People
£1900 - Akhuwat Educational Project
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A Helping Hand for Women Entrepreneurs

With limited employment opportunities in the village of Samnabad (Pakistan), people struggle to find work and earn enough to look after themselves and their families. But enterprising people will always find a way. People like our Qarz-e-Hasna recipient, Irum Babur Bukhari who made the most of her excellent cooking skills to work for herself. 

Irum ran a small home-based business making meals, which she would sell from a small rickshaw at Shadman Market. But she wanted to better her business and boost her earnings to support her family. Irum approached Akhuwat for assistance.  And because she was eligible and could prove her repayment capacity, she qualified to receive several small advances from our Family Enterprise Lending scheme.

Irum invested these funds in her business by buying groceries, equipment and whatever else she needed to make a business viable. The capital she borrowed would be repaid in small, affordable monthly instalments, without any interest! Within 7-8 months, she was managing and earning better than ever before.

Irum’s business grew until she was able to get her own premises at the market – a kiosk where she could make fresh, hot rotis on site to serve with her delicious meals. Now, she attracts even more customers – workers and children from the schools and hostels in the area. All the locals enjoy her home cooking. Irum is very grateful to Allah (SWT) and of course to Akhuwat supporters who made her success possible.