Free Education for all

2000 Scholarship

No society can prosper unless the fundamental right to education is granted to all of its citizens. Therefore, Akhuwat’s vision of creating a poverty-free society would remain incomplete unless the root cause; illiteracy of the poor, was addressed. Considering the paramount importance of education in opening multiple avenues, an investment in education was needed for several reasons. Among those are fostering the ability to innovate, understanding others, creating endless opportunities and building a tolerant, compassionate and environment friendly society. Thus, Akhuwat embarked on its mission to provide free-of-cost, high quality education through its intervention in primary, secondary and higher education.

Public School Support Program (PSSP)

Through the Public-School Support Program, Akhuwat has collaborated with the Government of Punjab to restore more than 4,000 nonfunctioning schools. To date, it has adopted over 350 public primary schools in six districts of Punjab, where it provides quality education and is working on improved academic facilities as no society can prosper without ensuring the access to education for all its members.

Akhuwat College

Established in 2015, Akhuwat College is a residential college that houses and educates bright, young people selected on merit from all corners of Pakistan. The college caters to students from low-income households who despite their talent and desire to pursue education, are unable to do so due to financial constraints. Each student has a unique tale of struggle and hardship in attaining their basic education, yet they are unified by their pursuit of knowledge. The aim of the College is not only to provide these young people with quality education, but also to cultivate their unique talents, inspire a deeper sense of ethics, and inculcate the values of discipline, hard-work and volunteerism in students.

Akhuwat University

Akhuwat University will be Pakistan’s first fee-free residential university where students will pay their fees according to their means. Through a range of financial instruments including scholarships and interest-free loans, Akhuwat will ensure equal access to quality education to all eligible students. The University embodies Akhuwat’s long-term vision of development and prosperity by preparing a new generation of leaders that will transform their communities and country.

Akhuwat Mushahida School of Hospitality and Tourism

The Akhuwat Mushahida School of Hospitality and Tourism has been conceived under the banner of the Akhuwat University and aims at combining the philanthropic philosophy of the Akhuwat education division with some of the best teaching/ training minds available in the hospitality sector.

The goal being to provide world-class, hospitality education to the most deserving students and cater to the industry’s growing need for an educated, skilled workforce.